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Client Handbook

Welcome and thank you for choosing Gateway Training Consultant Services (GTCS) RTO number 52141 for your training requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the course information provided please feel free to contact us.  
The following terms and conditions apply to all who participate in GTCS courses.

Acceptance of an offer of enrolment and participation at a GTCS course denotes acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below.

Observance of these Conditions
The client undertakes to observe the conditions of enrolment and to pay such fees and charges as may be applicable during the period of the enrolment
with GTCS.

Enrolment Contract
Upon the payment of an appropriate fee and, acceptance of an offer of a place on the course, a binding contract is created between the client and GTCS.

Should you enrol "in principle" by verbal means, GTCS may, in good faith, reserve a place for you on the course you requested, however that place cannot
be confirmed until the nominated fee for attendance is paid.
Clients are required to acknowledge a commitment to undertake competency based training and assesment tasks.
Clients must be fit for work and the training environment is considered to be a "place of work". There is a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.  Any
concerns or issues reguarding physical capability to conduct the practical elements or regarding language and literacy are to be communicated to the

Unique Student Identifier (USI)
All clients enrolling into a GTCS Nationally Accredited course must be in posession of a USI number. GTCS cannot issue to any student a Statement of
Attainment unless a valid USI number is provided to staff prior to the completion of the course. Further information can be found at as to
how to obtain your USI number.This number allows you to keep track of your training results and records in one place in an online account which you can
access at any time.
If you wish for GTCS to apply on your behalf and give us permission to do so please bring appropriate identifcation along to the course, formal identification
may be required and needs to be sighted by GTCS staff and recorded.

Student Advice
GTCS  takes a systematic approach to establish and recognise the needs of each student. It is a requirement that all staff members do their utmost to
meet the needs of their students. Where a students need is outside the scope or skill of the organisation they will be referred to an appropriate service or
an alternative training organisation.
Students are informed of and understand the extent of the training course that they are enrolling in.
Units of Competency are reviewed and upgraded periodically and you may have to upgrade to remain current for employer / site requirements.
Course completion does not guarantee a learner will obtain employment as this is outside the control of GTCS.
For further information please ask your trainer/assessor or refer to the relevant Industry Training Package.

In summary GTCS will provide to students
Training programs and services that promote inclusion and is free from discrimination.
Support services, training, assessments and learning materials to meet the needs of a variety of individual students.

Clients Rights and Responsibilities
Clients have the right to learn in an appropriate environment that is free from any form of harassment or discrimination. However with rights, comes
responsibilities. There is a right to PPE but a responsibility to inspect and use it correctly etc.
Clients have the right to expect a competent trainer assessor who can assist them to achieve expected course outcomes.
Clients have the right to be reassessed if competency is not met in the first instance.
It is the clients responsibility to notify GTCS when enrolling if support is required.
It is every persons responsibility to respect the rights of other clients, trainer and staff while attending a GTCS course. Students whose behaviour is
deemed to be unacceptable will be asked to leave. Fees will not be refunded in this instance.

Such behaviour may include
Deemed to be disruptive.
Puts others at risk.
Hampers other students learning.
Interferes with GTCS fitness for work policy.

Clients must
Adhere to GTCS code of conduct and the students rights and responsibilities codes.
English language and literacy - requirements set by the Unit of Competency must be met.
Must have a Unique Student Identifyer Number (USI).
Please contact GTCS administration if you require assistance.

Fees, Charges, Exemptions and Refunds
GTCS will safeguard fees and charges paid by providing receipts, and by recording all fees and/or charges made against an identified client and/or individual
participant in a separate accounting account. GTCS acknowledge that, subject to the withholding of fees that may be applied for cancellation, withdrawal or
removal from a course, fees paid remain the property of the client and/or individual participant until the date of the commencement of the course to which
those fees apply.

Payment for each course must be made in full prior to commencement of the course. This may be made in instalments or in total at the time of
enrolment. A deposit must be paid or company purchase order lodged at the time of enrolment acceptance. Any special arrangements, including those
relating to fees and withdrawal, must be agreed at the time of enrolment.
GTCS currently does not offer VET FEE help or other Government fee assistance.
Public clients of GTCS must complete full payment before certification is issued.
Corporate clients of GTCS pay an agreed fee after producing a Purchase Order within 14 days for date of invoice.
No course fees over $1,500.00 are taken in advance.

Government Training Subsidies
The Construction Training Fund provids subsidies which are available to reduce costs for eligible Trainees/Apprentice's within the Construction Industry.
The fund is available to businesses and employees within the industry.
Confirmation of eligibility must be through CTF forms are available through their website.
All courses supported by the fund must be delivered by qualified trainers through Registered Training Organisations.

If the full amount of fees has not been paid prior to the training course commencement date any exemptions or special financial arrangements must be
agreed at the time of enrolment for training to commence and only then will an official enrolment contract have been made between GTCS and the client
and/or individual participant.

Refund Policy
GTCS will safeguard fees paid by trainees.
GTCS refund policy is as follows:
a. Individuals booking courses are required to have payment recieved in full prior to course commencement to secure their position on their nominated
course. If full payment is not received prior to course commencement the client will not commence the course.  No course fees over $1,500.00 are
taken in advance.
b. Employers booking participants are required to issue a Company Purchase Order to secure their positions. Payment terms are 14 days from date of
invoice unless a term is agreed upon prior to booking.
c. Non attendance will incur a full  course fee.
d. Cancellation of a course within 3-7 days of a booked and confirmed booking will attract a 25% cancellation fee.
e. Cancellation of a course within 3 working days of a booked and confirmed booking will attract a 50% cancellation fee.
f.  If a client wishes to transfer to another course, then greater than 3 days notice is to be given.
g. If courses are cancelled on the day, or within 24 hours, or participants do not show on the day, the full course fee still applies.
h. If a client commences a course, but does not complete the course, the full course fee is still payable. Where circumstances warrant, an agreement
may be made with the Managing Director of GTCS for a reduced fee to be paid.
i. If confirmed courses are cancelled or resheduled any additional loss incured to GTCS for air travel and accommodation will be recovered and charged
to the client.
GTCS reserves the right to cancel any course if insufficient bookings or registrations are received.
Should this occur clients will be notified and offered alternate training dates or a full refund of payments made.

Replacement certificate fee
There is a $50 GST Inclusive certificate re-issue fee if required. A request for re-issue of a certificate form must be completed and returned, you will also
be required to provide identification when making the request. Once administration has been completed, and payment has been verified a Statement of
Attainment will be posted to the address supplied on the form.
High Risk Work Licence
All clients enrolling in courses resulting in a WorkSafe High Risk Work Licence are required to have basic workplace spoken English language and numeracy
skills as a minimum requirement. Verbal assessments in English may be granted to those clients who may have difficulty in effectively completing the written

Any client who successfully completes a Work Safe High Risk Work Licence course must submit an application to perform High Risk Work along with a fee of
$95.00 for a new HRWL or $71.00 if adding to an existing licence (GST exempt) this is paid directly to Worksafe.
Application forms will be handed out to clients at the time of assessment by the assessor.
For the application you will need 2 forms of ID, 1 (one) has to have a current address and photo and also 2 (two) passport photos.
Non English speaking clients CAN NOT successfully complete the requirements for these courses.

National Recognition
GTCS recognises the statements of attainment and/or full qualification certificates issued by other verifiable RTO’s across Australia and/or such issuance
where the Australian RTO delivered and/or assessed and issued outcomes against Australian Endorsed Training Package qualifications and/or Units of
Competency on their scope and profile at their agreed and identifiable overseas sites.

RPL/RCC and Credit Transfer
GTCS offers all clients prior to enrolment on any of our endorsed and/or accredited courses the option to discuss and review your Recognition of Prior
Learning, Recognition of Current Competency and or Credit Transfer opportunities with one of our qualified training and assessment staff. Fees for such
options will be discussed at the time of application and based on individual requirements. The fees will not exceed the cost of attending the full course of
training. If you think you may be eligible for RPL/RCC and/or Credit Transfer, please contact us to request either one of the above options and an interview
will be arranged with you to assess all your options prior to commencing any course.

Should the instructor determine during the presentation of the course, that a client has experience, knowledge or skills that are pertinent then the client may
be asked to demonstrate and be assessed for competence without completing all components of the course. The demonstration must be in the form of
completion of the course theory based tests and/or course practical assessments or a combination of both.

Clients who are able to demonstrate prior knowledge may complete the relevant course in a time less than that described as being required by the course

Third Party Agreements
GTCS has no current Third Party agreements.

Client Induction and Orientation
GTCS will provide an introduction to all clients during the first hour of the training course commencing, irrespective of site location. The introduction will cover
the following but is not limited to:

    • Site safety and emergency brief and location map
    • Course content outline and expected vocational outcomes
    • Assessment processes and methods
    • Disciplinary procedures
    • Use and care of equipment
    • Respect for other clients and staff
    • Staff responsibilities under the Access and Equity, Privacy and Duty of Care requirements
    • Presentation of the current and relevant legislation affecting your participation in the training and assessment process
    • Complaints and Appeals against assessment
    • Issuance of Certificates and/or Statements of Attainment and licences

Course Information
Course program content and expected vocational outcomes will be provided to you within the GTCS “Course Client Information letter” prior to
commencement. Specific course information is provided on our website for all courses we currently offer, we are happy to
discuss any further questions that you may have regarding this information.

Flexible Learning and Assessment Procedures
GTCS offers a range of learning and assessment options that are fair, flexible and cost effective for the client. These will be offered where applicable and
on request. Flexible options where available cannot reduce the integrity of the specific learning outcomes associated with the training and assessment
activities to which you have enrolled. Legislation requirements will override any flexible approach that does not ensure the legislation can be, and is, fully
addressed at all times.

GTCS ensures that all resources meet the requirements of the relevant endorsed training packages and/or accredited course/s, for delivery, assessment
and issuing of qualifications.
GTCS affirms it has in place and applies the following resources:
Personnel with the appropriate qualifications, and experience including assessor requirements as identified in the relevant Training Package assessment
Delivery and assessment resources appropriate to the methods of delivery and assesment requirements;and
Relevant Training Package and/or accredited course documents and support materials, with neccesary copyright authorisation.
Delivery strategies utilised by GTCS are always selected to best acheive the required elements of competence while giving full consideration to the learning
style of the client. The provision of training may include a flexible combination of off and on the job delivery and assessment.

GTCS is committed to ensuring valid and reliable assessment of achievement against industry competency standards and all assessments undertaken by
GTCS remains consistent with the National Assessment Principals and the requirements of Training Packages.

Complaints & Appeals
If you wish to appeal an assessment outcome or have any complaints pertaining to your GTCS training experiences, there is a process to both appeal
and/or make a complaint.
A complaints, appeals and reassessment process is an integral part of all training and assessment pathways leading to a nationally recognised qualifcation or
Statement of Attainment under the Australian Recognition Framework.
A fair and impartial appeals process is available to all clients of GTCS. If a client wishes to appeal an assessment result, they may first discuss the issue with
the trainer/assessor.  If the client would like to proceed further with the request after discussions with the trainer/assessor a formal request is made
verbally or in writing outlining the reason/s for the appeal.  GTCS's time period for acceptance of appeals is 5 days after the client has been issued with the
results of their assessment.
Every effort is made to settle the appeal to both client and GTCS's satisfaction. If requested an independent person /RTO may be provided for mediation.
Each complainant or appellant has an opportunity to present his or her case and is given a written statment of the appeal outcomes, including the reasons
for the decision. Should the outcome not be acceptable to the client, they will be informed in writing, of the oppurtunity to lodge a complaint with the State
(or relevant Commonwealth) Registration Authority.

Grounds for an Appeal
Valid grounds for an appeal may include but not limited to:
    • Alledged bias of the assessor
    • Currency of competency of the assessor
    • Inaccurate advice given by the assessor regarding the assessment process
    • Inappropriate assessment methods
    • Inaccurate assessment content when aligned to the required performance criteria, and demonstration of skills.

An appeal is to manage requests for a review of any decisions, including assessment decisons made by the RTO or a third party providing services on the
RTO's behalf.

The GTCS Operations Manager/ Managing Director is appointed as the Complaints Resolution Officer.
It ensures all parties involved are kept informed of the resulting actions and outcomes.
a.   All complaints/appeals should be submitted in writing at the earliest oppurtunity.
b.   This will contsitute a formal complaint from the complainant or appellant.
c.   The operations manager or managing director will be informed through receipt of all appeals/complaints.
d.   The appropriate manager of GTCS may delegate responsibility for the resolution of the appeal/complaint as required.
e.   In the case of a complaint/appeal the Operations Manager/ Managing Director of GTCS will initiate a transparent, participative process to deal with the 
issues at hand.
f.   Assessment appeals will be processed in accordance with the Assessments Appeals Procedure.
g.  Complaints/appeals where possible are to be resolved within 10 working days of the inital application.
h.  In all cases the final conclusion will be endorsed by the Operations Manager or Managing Director of GTCS.
i.   The complainant or appellant will be advised in writing of the outcome of their complaint/appeal, within 5 working days of resolution.
j.   Should the outcome not be acceptable to the client, they will be informed, in writing, of the oppurtunity to lodge a complaint with the State (or where
relevant, Commonwealth) Registration Authority.
k.  The complainant/appellant have the right to access advice and support from independant external agencies and /or persons at any point at the appeals
process. Use of external services will be at the complainant or appellants cost.
l.   GTCS will ensure that it follows the principals of fairness and natural justice in dealing with complaints.
m. All greviances, complaints and appeals will be handled as Staff-in-Confidence.

Note: If requested by complainant or appellant mediation from an Independant RTO may be provided.
All complaints/appeals will be discussed at meetings for continous improvement of the process and held on file in the office of GTCS at 19 Coatbridge Circuit,

Access and Equity Code of Practice & Staff Responsibility
GTCS will ensure that all staff when dealing with actual and or potential clients and/or clients and whilst using the GTCS current and approved policies and
procedures during client pre-enrolment activity, selection induction, orientation, interaction and/or training and assessments processes, that they ensure the
clients enjoy access to the following:

• Equitable and fair access to the benefits of our products and support services
• Fair and equitable training delivery and assessments irrespective of gender, age, race religion, culture, linguistic backgrounds, marital status, socio-
economic background, disability, sexual preferences, family responsibility and/or political convictions; and
• All nominations and subsequent enrolments into training and assessment courses and programs will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible
manner, ensuring fairness and compliance with current Equal Opportunity Legislation.

In the event GTCS ceases to operate or a any third party delivering training and assessment on its behalf, close or ceases to deliver any part of the
training product that the client is enrolled in, GTCS will endeavour to find a replacement RTO that is capable of providing suitable training to ensure the client
achieves their objective. If this is unattainable, GCTS will offer a refund appropriate to the costs incurred for the course enrolled in.

Work Health and Safety
GTCS is bound by WHS legislation and duty of care for all clients and GTCS employees as per the current WA State and Federal legislation and Industry
Statutory Regulatory requirements.

Disciplinary Procedures
GTCS will not tolerate any forms of unfair behavior against staff or fellow clients such as physical and/or verbal abuse and/or acts of plagiarism, cheating
and or breaches of WHS. GTCS will also remove any client where it is proven they have been involved in any of the aforementioned activities. Any such
removals are subject to appeal by the client. Any appeals or complaints against removal from a course will be managed following the GTCS Complaints and
Appeals Policy and Process.

Privacy, Confidentiality, Access and Security of Participant Records
GTCS will ensure all client information and subsequent records gathered during the enrolment, training delivery and assessment process remains
confidential. Any records resulting from these activities will remain secure under lock and key and will not be passed on to third parties without the written
consent of the client.

All clients upon receipt of written request, will have full and open access to all their related documents and records associated with their training and
assessment activity. All records will be kept in accordance with current and relevant State, Federal and Commonwealth legislation and statutory regulatory

Participant Information and Permissions
For the purposes of marketing, GTCS will ask and gain written permission from clients when seeking to use the images of clients and/or others e.g. GTCS
employees, for the express purpose of marketing and advertising GTCS products and services. At no time will client information be shared with any non
authorised third party. GTCS guarantees at all times your privacy with regards to personal information management whilst at the same time acknowledging
the current legislation with regards to privacy may require disclosure.

Marketing and Advertising
GTCS will ensure we only advertise, promote and market our RTO products and services in an ethical and accurate manner and aligned to our RTO
approved delivery scope and profile. We will only advertise and market these products and services in accordance with, and compliance to, the Australian
Quality Training Standards.
GTCS will gain a clients written permission before using information about that individual in any marketing materials and will respect any conditions of
permission imposed by the client.
GTCS will always accurately represent training products and services to prospective clients.
GTCS ensures that clients are provided with full details of conditions in any contractual arrangements with the organisation.

Dealing with People with a Disability and Access to External Client Support
Any client wishing to enrol into a GTCS course who has a disability and/or who may need assistance to complete their training and/or assessment are
requested to please phone and discuss your requirements in complete confidence with our training staff prior to the course commencement date. This will
ensure any relevant and practicable alternative training and assessment arrangements can be provided by GTCS and if this is not feasible, an alternative
pathway using another training provider may be explored if required.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy
Some clients require more support than others in different areas and GTCS will assist where possible to provide training and assessment support services to
our client regardless of age, gender or culture. Some courses that GTCS offer require a minimum level of English in order to be deemed competent. Clients
with English difficulties may be eligible for free English tuition provided by the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). More information on the AMEP program
is available from
If you require assistance with your reading and writing skills prior to attending one of our courses, visit the reading and writing website to find out how you
can improve your skills. Visit their website at

Please note: GTCS are not LLN assessors, but have a duty of care to enforce accurate and repeatable assessment. If a client is assessed as not meeting
the English requirements, this is not discrimination, but an assessment.  Please raise any concerns prior to commencing any training with GTCS

Access to External Client Support
Any client wishing to enrol into a GTCS course who considers that they may have additional language, literacy or numeracy needs that may affect their
ability to undertake the training course of their choice and may need additional support to complete their training and/or assessment are requested to
please contact GTCS and discuss these needs in complete confidence with training staff prior to the course commencement date. This will ensure GTCS
can develop alternative training and assessment arrangements or seek external access to specialist assistance if required.

Welfare Guidance and Support
GTCS will ensure we provide or seek external advice for you with regard to ensuring appropriate welfare advice, guidance and support if required upon

Unsuccessful Clients
While every effort will be made and every opportunity provided to enable clients to achieve the requisite competency within the period allowed for the
course presentation there are occasions where clients are unable to complete the objectives to the standards required. In such cases (with the exception
of participants in those courses conducted for self identified experienced operators) the client is offered re-enrolment at no additional cost within a period of
30 days of completion.

NOTE: The offer of re-enrolment does not apply to persons who do not successfully attain the competency required through attendance
at the reduced duration courses designed for self identified experienced operators.

I trust you will enjoy your training experience with us.

Kathleen Allen
Managing Director
Gateway Training Consultant Services